Be social, be connect with your target

More than 2.2 Billion people login to Facebook every month and 1.45 every day. Facebook is a great database where potential of your target. 
Customers are spending their time. 
More than 80% of social media usage come from mobile.

Social Media in 4 Pillars





Social Media is all about your customer and how you can help them. If  you’ll successful on social media, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with your customers one-on-one.

Step into their shoes and try to see with their eyes. What do they need, what things they want to do. Map your customers and figure out what kind of content helps you to get close to them. This will be a combination of blogs, videos, forums, posts etc… The most important thing is to go where the customers are, don’t make them come to you.

Thanks to social media you can improve and generate new leads. Who has indicated interest in your company’s products or services and giving you their information in same way like:

  1. Filling out a form;
  2. Completing an online survery;
  3. Requesting a Demo.

Who are those leads?

Likes on your posts don’t count as Leads, so how can you generate leads on Facebook?

Organic post

Makes turn people who are following you into leads through discount and special offers. For example you can post a link that leads directly to a page on your website that has a lead generation form.


Paid ads

Makes you turn people who are not following you yet, into leads. Facebook Ads allow Facebook users to access offers and discounts without leaving the Facebook App.

Link click ads

Drives users away from Facebook to a landing page on your website or wherever you decide to link.

Begin your new social adventure.

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